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Lawn Treatment Products

Environmentally Friendly

We know you care about how lawn treatments can affect the environment and so we choose products with that in mind.  We follow all of Maryland's Department of Agriculture laws designed to protect the Chesapeake Bay.  Generally speaking, the lawn can be walked on an hour or two after application and the product isn't harmful to pets or children.  We choose products with our lawn care tech in mind also - any product that requires full body personal protection gear is rejected in favor of something less toxic.  Our fertilizer application license number is MDA-F0314 and our pesticide application license number is MDA-P28779.

Product Labels

Click the following links to be redirected to our product labels.

Round 1

Early Spring

This treatment helps control crab grass by putting down pre-emergent control.   EPA 10404-86 Lesco 13-0-5 30% dimension.  This product is granular and we recommend that it be watered in after application and is safe to walk on since the granules fall down under the grass.

Round 2

Late Spring

This round follows up on crab grass control and helps with broad leaf weeds.  EPA Reg No. 10404-43 Lesco 3 Way Selective Herbicide.  This product is sprayed onto the entire lawn and just needs a few hours to dry and then will be safe to walk on.

Round 3

Early Summer

This round we fertilize and spot spray for weeds (see the separate label for the spot spray).  This round includes grub control.

Round 4

Mid-Late Summer

We fertilize and spot spray.

Round 5

Early Fall

This round we like to give the grass a nice boost as it is in a second growth spurt and also spot spray as needed.

Round 6


We put down a product that helps your lawn over-winter.

Spot Spray

Momentum Spot Spray

This will help control any straggling weeds in the lawn.

Flea and Tick

Organic Cedar Oil

For the control of pests such as fleas and ticks.  This product is completely organic.

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